Project Transformation

Project Transformation is a ministry of the Central Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church and University is one of the host churches in the Fort Worth area. Through this ministry, we partner with college interns and Project Transformation to provide a summer reading program that is available to students entering the 1st Grade through the 6th Grade.

For 8 weeks each summer, the students will build relationships with one another, with the college interns, and with the volunteers that spend time with them each day. Through these relationships, our students learn about the love that God has for them, they grow a love for reading, and they experience lessons in art, science, and other civic lessons each day. The students practice reading daily and most experience improvement over the course of the summer, countering the tendency for students to slide backward in their reading skills during the “summer slump.”

Registration is open in April and May each year with ongoing rolling admissions throughout the summer depending on availability. Registration forms are available in English and in Spanish. The cost for the full summer is $20, with scholarships available upon request. For more information, please visit the Project Transformation Central Texas Conference website or contact Sam Hamann.

If you are a college student interested in being a summer intern please go to the Project Transformation Central Texas Conference website and click on “Apply Now”.