Think about music for a moment. How much power it has, how you love it. Now evaluate yourself honestly. Where you are musically? A beginner? Expert? Or somewhere in between?

Now dream for a moment about the next year. Picture yourself learning from a talented teacher, being challenged and encouraged, practicing hard at home or in a rehearsal room. Imagine performing your first Beethoven piano solo, or covering Pentatonix with an acapella group, or crushing a Panic! At the Disco hit with your rock band mates.

Funkytown Music Academy is Fort Worth’s newest (and probably the best) school for music. Let us guide you on your musical journey, from where you are “today” to make that leap of progress in 12 months. Our experienced teachers nurture students of all ages through private and group lessons, as well as ensemble work.

Send us any questions you have and arrange complementary trial lessons with one of our exceptional teachers! Scroll to the bottom to email us.


Instruments currently taught in private and group lessons:

  • – Voice, both for classical and modern performance

    – Violin

    – Acoustic guitar

  • – Piano and keyboard, including programming

    – Electric guitar

    – Ukulele

  • – Bass guitar

    – Drums

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