All In – Commitment to Ministry

Generosity is About Trust  

Generosity transforms and fills life with joy and blessing. It is a spiritual practice which helps you recognize all you have comes from God and that God has trusted you to manage those resources. 

Generosity builds trust in God. As you give more, you trust more. As your trust grows, you begin to see investing as a way to deepen your relationship with God. Your gifts are a tangible demonstration of your love for God and your neighbors.

Are you All In

Your generosity is an investment in transformational ministries and missions. Through weekly, monthly, or annual gifts, you are a partner in sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the world. 

Your gifts are invaluable and allow us to share God’s love in powerful and creative ways. Please use this secure form to communicate the ways in which you will invest in the ministries of the church. Commitments may be increased or changed by contacting the church office. Thank you!

Please note our fiscal year and related commitments run July 1 – June 30.


    I would like to help in the following ways:
    I can make a financial commitment for the upcoming year (details below)I will give to the mission and ministries of the church, but I can’t commit an amount at this timeI can commit to giving my time and talent