Adult Sunday School

At University, we value the chance to gather in community to study and grow together. In our weekly Sunday School classes, adults from all walks of life explore topics in faith and spirituality. Sunday School classes are held on Sunday mornings beginning at 10:15am. We hope you will join us!

New Covenant Class: Room 103
Centered around group discussion, this class welcomes new voices and ideas as they explore a different scripture passage each week. A welcoming and comfortable group, you are sure to be welcomed in their midst.

New Wesley-Clark Class: Room 104
The New Wesley-Clark Class is a welcoming group of diverse individuals that enjoy exploring scripture and sharing their faith experiences. New faces are always welcome with new voices and new perspectives.

Sterck Class: Room 105
Taught in a lecture style format, the Sterck class is passionate about analysing and interpreting scripture. They use the United Methodist quarterly to guide their lesson focus, ensuring that they explore even the rarely trod portions of the Bible.

Patio 25: Patio Outside Solarium
An intentionally intergenerational group, the Patio 25 class tailors their discussions to subjects relevant to their participants lives and faith. This class welcomes free flowing discussion and regularly puts their faith into action through various service projects.