About the CDC

University United Methodist Church offers a faith-based child development center for your children and family. Our Child Development Center is a non-profit center owned by University United Methodist Church. We are committed to providing quality education and loving care to young children. The school was founded by deaconesses of the Methodist Church over 50 years ago. Our goal is to engage the whole child by creating an atmosphere in which the spiritual, mental, social, and physical facets of a child’s personality and character can be nurtured and developed.

We believe early childhood is a critical period of life during which children learn an enormous amount about their everyday world. During the preschool years, a young child acquires lifelong attitudes toward learning. Our approach is to create a learning environment in which young children learn best: a space they are free to manipulate materials, explore, discover, and make choices. The CDC’s goal is to create an environment in which the child’s self-esteem is nurtured, his/her curiosity about the world is challenged, and his/her relationships with others and God are given opportunity for growth.

We feature learning environments for children as young as six weeks through pre-kindergarten. We’d love to answer your questions and show you around! Please email us at contactcdc@uumcfw.com or call the CDC directly at 817-926-8706 to arrange a visit.