5-Point Friday, June 29, 2018

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Luke 1:1-4

What is this scripture about?
This is the prologue to the Gospel According to Luke, the third Gospel account in the New Testament. There are many noteworthy differences between Luke and the other Gospels, not the least of which is that it’s the only Gospel that comes in two parts (the second being the Acts of the Apostles), suggesting Luke believed what happened after the death and resurrection of Christ is equally important to fully understand the message of the Gospel. This is the introduction that will carry the reader throughout both parts (though Acts also has a short introduction). This is the compass that tells the reader what to look for and what to expect in the coming pages.

New Series: Summer Mix Tape
At UUMC, we’re modeling the next few weeks on the nostalgia of summer mix tapes: those wonderful, painstaking, creations of the 80s and 90s where we timed the radio just right to record our favorite songs or sorted through piles and piles of albums, cassettes, and CDs to mish-mash them all together with our favorites. Over the next few weeks, we will explore favorite scriptures, favorite hymns, and favorite stories.

My Summer Mix Tape
Inspired by this bit of nostalgia, I’ve been re-listening to some of my favorite music from high school. My brother once told me that the music we listened to when we were in high school gets engrained in our minds as the standard by which we subsequently measure future generations of music. I’m not sure his sourcing of this information, but it seems right. And thanks to the fact that he controlled the radio when he drove me to school, what I consider as the standard of good music is heavily influenced by the CDs he had in his car (and the ones I “borrowed” from my sister . . . thanks!) So, my more relaxed times have been filled with Dispatch, OAR, Rusted Root, and the like (thanks, Sarah) and my workouts are motivated by Rage Against the Machine and some other high energy bands (thanks, David). What would be on your summer mixtape? Does it go back to high school or is there another golden age of music in your life?

Favorite Summertime Movie:
I’m not sure if it’s the pickup games of baseball, the night at the fair, the fireworks, or what, but The Sandlot just sounds like summer to me. When I think about that movie, I think about summer; when I think about summer, I think about that movie. (It’s also why I always wanted a pair of PF Flyers… to run faster and jump higher like Benny the Jet Rodriguez and outrun the beast).

Today’s quote: from you!
As many of you know, I am the director of missions and outreach at UUMC. We’re trying to gather some information about various ministries, missions, and opportunities at UUMC. So, we’re asking for your help: please follow THIS LINK and take approximately 37.23 seconds to fill out this survey to help us do ministry together in a way that serves God, serves one another, and follows our call to share the transformative love of Christ in all that we do! Whether you actively attend UUMC, have been there a handful of times, or have never darkened its doorways, we want to hear from you!


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