5-Point Friday, July 20, 2018

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Matthew 18:1-5

What is happening in this passage?
This is the beginning of a series of teachings in the Gospel according to Matthew (Jesus’ 4th in Matthew). He reminds the disciples that the Kingdom of God looks different. They are wondering who is the greatest – likely considering wealth or power or status or other traditional markers of greatness on earth. Jesus points them to a child: vulnerable, powerless in most societies, weak by typical standards. Jesus reminds them that greatness in the Kingdom of God is turned on its head, that we are called to humility, weakness, vulnerability. Things the disciples (and we) don’t like to embrace within themselves (and ourselves). Jesus calls us to be like the children and to welcome them. Consider what welcoming the vulnerable, powerless, and weak might look like in your life.

Welcoming children this Sunday:
On one level, we can certainly take this scripture literally and welcome children. That’s what we’ve been doing all summer at UUMC through Project Transformation. This Sunday, we will celebrate the children who have filled our halls with laughter, singing, dancing, and maybe some screaming. We will celebrate as one church body with a single worship service at 11:15 followed by cooking out and playing in the water (water slides included). We hope you’ll help us celebrate the children who continue to teach us so much about God.

Family Fun Night, Part II:
Speaking of Project Transformation and celebrations, last night (Thursday) we had our second family fun night. It was amazing to see so many people work together to make the night as special as it was. Jan was able to facilitate having miniature horses for the kids to brush and watch, Smithfield UMC brought BBQ and dinner, lots of UUMC volunteers brought brownies and spent some time with the kids and families, and the interns decorated in a western theme that would have made John Wayne proud! Thank you to everyone who helped out!!

Favorite thing I ate this week:
This past Tuesday, Berkeley and I ate at Café Madrid in Dallas. Berkeley studied abroad in Madrid while she was in college and it is one of her favorite places in the world. So, naturally, Café Madrid is a little taste of her favorite place right here in our own backyard. We sampled from 7 or 8 different tapas plates ranging from manchego and jamon to shrimp to her favorite – tortilla de patata. I highly recommend Café Madrid if you happen to be in Dallas and are hungry for something a little different.

But what happened to the burger tour?
Stay tuned . . .


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