5-Point Friday: August 10, 2018

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Behold, the lobster roll from Milly’s Skillet on Peaks Island, Maine!

Exodus 4:14-20, 27-31

What is happening in this passage?
In this passage, Moses takes the first steps in following God’s call to liberate the people of Israel from captivity and slavery in Egypt. Moses meets up with his brother, Aaron, and goes into Egypt to talk to the leaders of Israel. This marks the first steps of Moses, Aaron, and all of Israel on their exodus out of Egypt and into the promised land. A journey that will take 40 years and will see many difficulties along the way, but every journey starts with the first steps.

Give us all of your lobster, please.
This past week, Berkeley and I visited my sister and her family in Maine. I grew up in Maine but hadn’t been back in about 14 years, so it’s been a minute. But I quickly remembered the nostalgia of my childhood when we hiked through the woods and along the rocky Maine coastline. We also ate. And ate. And ate. We had lobster every day that we were there, because when in Maine, right? We had lobster rolls (3 of them), lobster Rangoon, and steamed lobster. We also had steamer clams, oysters, and haddock (by the way, Portland, Maine was named Bon Appetit’s “Restaurant City of the Year”). The food, view, and time with family was a great way to wrap up the summer and prepare for a new school year.

This is Part II of an interview with Rev. Chatty Chapman, site coordinator for the partnership between UUMC and Academy 4 to mentor 4th graders of George C. Clarke Elementary in Fort Worth. If you missed Part I, you can catch up here!

Why do this through a church instead of another organization?
Honestly, I’ve never seen an opportunity for ministry like this one. If someone else designed a better way to build relationships in our community and affect the lives of so many, I’d say we should go for it. I just haven’t seen it. Academy 4 was created through a lot of prayer and discernment, but it is not designed to be a method to grow the church. It is a way to connect with and support and love the most vulnerable around us. The name “Jesus” may not be spoken, but we know that we are there to love these kids, their families and the school staff because of Jesus – because of the sacrificial love we have experienced in our lives.

Why should I get involved?
If you like kids, if like to have fun and you want to give your time to something that has been proven to have an impact on the lives of children, then Academy 4 is for you! Clarke is a Title 1 school, meaning most of the kids come from homes that are working hard to make ends meet. These kids don’t get to be a part of the typical after-school activities or experiences. They don’t have opportunities to develop positive relationships with adults that are crucial part of their development. At this time, we have 67 fourth graders who need a mentor – who need you! You will receive the training and materials you need to feel comfortable in your role. You can do this! You can be a hero!

How / where can I sign up or learn more?
Of course, I’m happy to talk to you about Academy 4 anytime, but you can also get some good information and listen to those who have participated in it through the Academy 4 website. I encourage you to sign up through the Academy 4 website soon. As a volunteer, you will be asked to complete the Fort Worth ISD background check as well as the Child Safety Training. We will have an orientation day on September 8. Our first Academy 4 date is September 21.
My email:  chatty.chapman@academy4.net
Academy 4 website:  https://academy4.net



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