5-Point Friday

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Mark 2:1-12

What is happening in this Scripture?
Last week, we considered Jesus’ healing of the leper in the wilderness. The news of this encounter drove Jesus further away from town and prevented him from entering anywhere. Now, after letting some of the excitement calm down (or so Jesus may have thought), Jesus returns to Capernaum. The people were so excited about having Jesus return that a large crowd gathered. There are so many reasons why people may have gathered there and it’s clear that some met him with enthusiasm, some with great expectations, and some with skepticism. Whatever the reason they came to witness Jesus that day, the Scripture tells us “they were all amazed and glorified God.”

What I like about this Scripture:
This is one of my favorite stories in all of the Bible. There is so much that we could dive into, so much to explore. But the one thing that I alwaysthink about is that last line, reminding us that regardless of where we come from, who we are, or what we (used to) believe, any encounter with Christ will leave us amazed, will glorify God, and will transform our lives. It reminds me of one of the most pivotal moments in my faith when I sat on Easter Sunday with a great deal of skepticism and encountered Christ in a way that transformed the rest of my life. These encounters may be instantaneous or gradual over time – but either way, we are left amazed. How have you seen God in your life? When did you encounter Christ? May we continually be amazed by the love and grace of God through Christ!

Today at Academy 4…
Our second meeting with our Academy 4 students was this afternoon at George C. Clarke Elementary in Fort Worth. I was out of town last month and didn’t have a chance to go, so this was the first time I was able to see the program in action. You’ve probably heard about this program and heard how great it is. But until you witness it first hand, I’m not so sure that words or pictures can do it justice. The connection made in such a short time between mentors and mentees is beyond inspiring. The eagerness to share and grow and trust is something we can all learnfrom. If you see somebody who volunteers with Academy 4 this Sunday, ask how they saw their student grow from month 1 to month 2!

The Next Fort Worth Food Tour:
So, if you’ve been reading 5-Point Fridays for a while, you may remember the Fort Worth Burger Tour. Joseph and I ventured out to find the best burger in town. We went as far as Rendon on good information that there was a burger joint in the backof a gas station at a flashing yellow light across from a cemetery. There we found our undisputed winner: Fuego Burger. A new location was opened in Benbrook and the quality remains true. So there we have it, a strong tip of the 5-Point hat to Fuego Burger and a high-5 to our other contestants (all of whom were also recommended). So, what would you like us to explore next? What’s your favorite food that we should try? Go on Facebook and comment on UUMC’s wall or tweet at us. We’ll tally the votes and announce the next competition next week!

Quote worth pondering:
“To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable.” Ludwig van Beethoven

Both last week and this week, the passion and enthusiasm for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ made all the difference. It was the passion and enthusiasm of the healed leper that kickstarted Jesus’ mission in Mark and it was the passion of the friends that carried the paralytic to Jesus that changed his life and the lives of all those who witness the miracle. In both cases, passion for the message of Christ is central.



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